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Kunal Thakur Gets Candid About The Bond With Shweta Rohira

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Who says that you can’t make friends for life in this industry? Ask Kunal Thakur and he will vehemently disagree with this notion. Kunal and actor Shweta Rohira and have been the best of friends since 2015. “Shweta and I met at Raza baba’s house (Raza Beig, CEO, Splash Fashion). He is a family friend of ours but he works in Dubai. We became good friends since then. It has always been amazing meeting Shweta. Every single time we meet, we have a lot to say to each other, a lot to catch up on and a lot of friends to talk about!” says Kunal.He adds, “Shweta made ma a nice little 2020 diary so that I get more work in and I keep blocking my dates in that. This was a very special thing that she did for me. The diary also had an owl made by her on it which symbolizes wiseness. As an owl is known as a wise bird and I have always connected with that bird very much. The more it sees, the less it speaks, the less it speaks, the more it hears.”

For Kunal, friendship is everything. “Friendship means the world to me. In a city like Mumbai, where people are running and working all the time, it can get lonely. Amid all of that, when you have friends who actually call you up and check on you and make an effort to see you, it’s amazing. Those are friends who stick around for a long time. We just have to wait and let right friends enter our life,” he says.

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