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Kunal Thakur Says, “The Universe Has Conspired To Actually Make Me Celebrate The Father’s Day With My Dad”

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Fathers day is different his time for Kunal Thakur. The actor says that he has not had the time to celebrate the day with his dad for a few years now, but this year he will be with his dad all day! “I haven’t celebrated Fathers Day with my dad from a long time. But this time my father is with me as we are setting up our new home in Raheja. We are in the midst of all of that. I would be celebrating Fathers Day with my father, something I wanted to do it for a while and now the universe has conspired to actually make that happen,” he says.He adds, “I plan on sharing and spending my growth and the journey that I had. I want to celebrate that with him. I want him to enjoy that completely. We would go out for dinner.”Ask him if he still follows any advice given to him by his father. “One thing that my father has always told me is that in the colony of capitalist in which we live, there are a lot of people above you who are monetarily stronger, financially stronger, but you should concentrate on moving ahead. Don’t get influenced by it, just always stay grounded and always be happy with what you earn. He says be grounded, work hard, earn as much as you can and enjoy what you have earned, not what someone else is earning or what someone else may want to offer you.”

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