Kushagre Dua talks about Deamiyata''s Udaariyaan

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Kushagre Dua
Actor Kushagre Dua, who is currently part of the show Udaariyaan, says that makers are concentrating on making their youth-centric shows nowadays. He says that while Udaariyaan was always loved by viewers, other shows are also concentrating on attracting younger audiences.

“Udaariyaan has a youthful story. Nowadays, many shows have become youth based. This show attracts a young audience. If you notice, all the leads are young, so I feel TV has taken a drastic change in that manner,” he says.

Talking about his character in the show, he says, “My character’s name is Sartaj. To be honest, this is a very different character from who I am in real life. Sartaj doesn’t believe in love because he has been heartbroken once, and neither does Kushagre believe in love. But I feel, this is the only similarity.”

Kushagre Dua (2)
He adds, “I am still waiting to see the response to my character as it's just been a few days but I hope it goes well. We all are doing well and this is one of the best shows on TV today. The best compliment that I have received is from my mother. She says I look like Ranbir Kapoor which means the most to me.”

In fact, his family loves the show. “Of course, Punjabi is loved by the audience and I am also a Punjabi. My whole family sees my shows. In fact, my grandparents also enjoy this show and they have been watching it from the start. They are hooked on this. The story comes with a Punjabi touch so this show lives nationwide,” he says.

Talking about working with producer-duo Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta, he says, “It’s a great experience to work with them. I want to thank them for giving me this role. I am very fortunate to be a part of this show. Chandigarh is amazing. I came here earlier when I was shooting for my web series Campus Diaries. This time, we are going to be here for a longer period. It’s a new experience all-over. And I am not missing Mumbai as I am having an amazing time here.”

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