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Exactly around the same time last year, it looked like Kangana Ranaut and her wild and mad ways would take over the country – Ali Peter John

She was all over the place with her wild tongue firing away in all directions without caring two hoots for the consequences.

And with the Y security granted to her by her dear friends at Centre, she seemed to her lost the sense of fear completely and carried on without looking back on powerful chief ministers and other men in power.

She had forgotten that her future also depended on films that had made her what she was.

She took full advantage of the Hindu/Muslim problem in the country and made rash statements against it.

She called the stricking farmers naxalites and terrorist and called students the enemies of the country and her supporters in power kept egging her on in her malicious plan and motive and she believed that there would be no end to her dastardly moves….

She was forgetting that she had a eighty core film waiting for judgement by the people, “Thailaivi”, the story about J. Jayalalita, the actress of Tamil films who went on to be an icon and a living legend to be worshiped.

She was playing Jayalita in “Thailaivi”, a film being made in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

Kangana knew how important the film was for the future of her career as an actress and so did everything possible to give a film a kind of commercial very few film had.

She brought together all her associates from her friendly political parties to see the film and issue statements saying what a good and even great film it was.

She even made her mother say that kangana was in line for one more national word .

And then ‘Thailaivi” opened to single spring theatre religious and the film fell flat on its face on the very first day and the very first show and there are no signs of it rising again.

It will be released on the OTT flatforms soon, but one wonders if a film which will be seen free by people in their homes will be able to give a new life to it.

It may be known that kangana has had eleven flops in a row after Tanu Weds Returns and there are no chances or signs of her coming two films, “Dhaakad and Tejas” doing well at all.

Does it mean that kangana will have to switch careers and take to full time dirty politics for which she has been training herself so well these last few months?