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It had all started in Peshawar in Pakistan. Prithviraj Kapoor was born in a family of landlords – Ali Peter John


The elder son of Basheshwarnath Kapoor was Prithviraj Kapoor who was not interested in his father’s business and wanted to be an actor.

He ran away from home and started working in any role he found in films being made in Calcutta.

When he had made quite a name for himself, he came to Bombay and he very handsome looks and dashing personality took him very little time to make it in Hindi films.

He also started Prithvi Theatre with the intention of promoting Hindi Theatre. His first few plays made Prithvi Theatre a name to reckon with all over the country.

Prithviraj had three sons, Raj, Ranbir,Shamsher (Shammi) and Shashi. Raj had three sons, Randhir,Rishi and Rajiv. They all became big names in the world of Hindi films. Randhir has two daughters from his actress wife Babita, Karishma and Kareena.

Shami got married twice, first to the famous actress Geeta Bali, who died young of smallpox.

Shami married a princess called Neela Devi, his two children from his first wife could do nothing as actors.

His daughter Kanchan was married to ketan, the son of his best friend and director, Manmohan Desai.

Shashi’s elder son Karan tried to be a hero in Hindi films, but was considered ‘too westernised’ to be a Hindi film hero and he went abroad where he is a very popular photographer, a model and an actor.

His daughter, Sanjana also tried her luck as an actress, but he too was rejected for being too westernised’.

His son Kunal also tried as an actor but gave up because he couldn’t find good roles and has now taken over the running of Prithvi Theatre in juhu, which he has given a new look to under his direction.

Rajiv had a failed career as an actor. He took to direction with ‘Prem Granth’ Starring his brother, Rishi and Madhuri Dixit.

The film flopped and so did his marriage and his career as a tv film maker. He now spends time all alone in his father’s property in loni, Pune.

Raj Kapoor was the only son of Prithviraj who could not only built his R.K empire, but kept it flying in all its glory as long as he was alive.

Randhir and Rishi tried directing films after successful careers as actor,but they couldn’t make any headway.

Now, the R.K studio has been demolished and so have all the dreams seen by Raaj Kapoor.

Mrs Krishna Raj Kapoor who was the last pillar of the R.K empire died of old age some time ago,Rishi died earlier, Rajiv followed him and Randhir Kapoor is an ailing old man and it is not sure whether he will be able to do anything to save his father’s empire.

That,then leaves only Ranbir Kapoor who is one of the best known and highest paid stars today and who is expected to marry Alia Bhatt soon .

Does that mean that the future or fictional R.K empire will be in the hands of Mr and Mrs Ranbir and Alia Kapoor in the futur?

And does Ranbir have the same vision and dedication of his grandfather to run an empire like R.K in today’s times?