A conspiracy was hatched to kill Salman Khan, weapons were ordered from Pakistan!

Police have uncovered a conspiracy to murder Bollywood actor Salman Khan, with gangster Lawrence Bishnoi allegedly paying a contract killer Rs 25 lakh for the job

The accused were planning to acquire modern weapons like AK 47, AK 92, M 16 from Pakistan and Zigana weapons from Turkey to carry out the murder

The plot to kill Salman Khan was devised between August 2023 and April 2024, with an attempted attack on his apartment occurring on April 14

Six individuals were arrested for firing shots outside Khan's house in Bandra, with a subsequent plan to target him near his Panvel farmhouse

The police have filed a case against 17 people, including Lawrence Bishnoi and his younger brother, in connection with the firing incident

The chargesheet also names five members of the Bishnoi gang allegedly involved in the conspiracy

The weapons procurement and assassination plan had similarities to the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala

The case highlights the dangerous nexus between criminal elements and the entertainment industry, posing a serious threat to public figures like Salman Khan