Akshay Kumar Celebrates Twinkle Khanna's Master's Achievement

Akshay Kumar Celebrates Twinkle Khanna's Master's Degree: A Lovely Note on Social Media Expresses Akshay's Deep Love and Admiration for His Accomplished Wife's Achievement.

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Akshay Kumar Celebrates Twinkle Khanna's Master's Achievement

Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna has completed her master's degree from the University of London, in celebration of which her husband Akshay Kumar has taken the help of social media and shared a very lovely note for his wife. In this note from Akshay Kumar, his love for Twinkle is visible. Let us tell you what Akshay has written for Twinkle.

Akshay Kumar's heartfelt note

Akshay Kumar's heartfelt note

Akshay writes, "Two years ago when you told me you wanted to take up studies all over again, I wondered if you meant it. But the day I saw you work so hard and perfectly manage a full-fledged student life along with home, career, me, and kids, I knew I had married a superwoman. Today on your graduation, I also wish I had studied a bit more to know enough words to tell you how proud you make me, Tina. Congratulations and all my love."

Along with this beautiful note, Akshay has shared a picture of Twinkle's graduation day, in which Twinkle is wearing a green saree and with it, she is wearing both a graduation cape and a cap.

Twinkle Khanna commented on the note

Twinkle has commented below this beautiful picture and note in which she has written, "I am lucky to have a partner who encourages me to leap but is always ready to pick me up if I fall. And I do fall a lot don’t I?"

23 years of togetherness

Let us tell you that today i.e. on 17th January, 23 years of marriage of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have been completed. Their love and support for each other is an inspiration to people.


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