Astro-Numerologist Predicted Virat-Anushka's Second Baby Years Ago

Virat-Anushka's second baby was predicted at least 2 years ago in Times of India, by Astro-Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani, who also successfully predicted their first baby even before the pandemic!

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Astro-Numerologist Predicted Virat-Anushka's Second Baby Years Ago

Two years ago, numerologist Sanjay Jumaani accurately predicted Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli would have a second child. On February 15th, their son Akaay was born, whose name numerologically suggests luck and aligns with auspicious numbers. Both parents share a connection to the number 6 (Venus), associated with prosperity, fame, and harmony.

"Anushka is likely to have her second kid too, but post two years," the same was shared in an article in TOI 2 years ago.

Akaay Kohli: The Lucky Charm

Akaay Kohli: The Lucky Charm

They were blessed with a son on the 15th (6) Feb, who they fondly call 'Akaay.' I must say, the name adds to an auspicious number by default, and so does his full name, 'Akaay Kohli.' The name adds to 6, Venus, the planet of luxury, flamboyance, peace & harmony, which also happens to be in alignment with his Date of Birth. He is sure to bring luck to his parents with his set of numbers.

6, Venus also rules both parents as Virat’s destiny number is 6, (5+11+1988= 6) while Anushka is governed by Taurus, (1/05) ruled by 6 again.

Akaay is capable of following either his father or mother's footsteps, as his numbers indicate a strong inclination towards public life, fame, sports, as well as media & entertainment.

Those slight chances tilt towards Cricket, as Akaay is born in Virat’s important 36th (9, Mars, Scorpio ruler) year.

Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli welcome baby boy Akaay

Another interesting observation is, Akaay (also due to the influence of Venus) is likely to be less aggressive with regards to on or off field behaviour than Papa Kohli, as Virat has the influence of fiery Number 9, Mars, due to being a Scorpion and dons jersey 18 (9) as well!

Revisiting the past, he added, "We predicted their first baby, Vamika too, pre-Covid, when Anushka's mother consulted us for her venture. I had craftily mentioned to her that as per numbers, the duo would have a baby; to which she had laughingly responded by saying that they had no such plans as they were pretty focussed on their careers back then."

He further added, "Well, I did reason with her saying, that both would be in their favourable periods, Anushka being in her 33rd (6) year, and Virat in his 32nd (5) year and thus could be blessed with a baby around the same time! Little did they know that our prediction would stump them in this fashion. Call it destiny's innings if you may!"

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