At fantastic music launch of  latest  ‘Chhota Bheem…’ which childhood acting-memory did Anupam Kher recall, while holding the 'gadda' (mace)? by Chaitanya Padukone

There is always a hidden child-like fun-loving quality in almost all grown-up adults. Veteran yet young-at-heart stalwart star-actor Anupam Kher is no exception.

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 childhood actingmemory did Anupam Kher recall while holding the gadda mace
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 There is always a hidden child-like fun-loving quality in almost all grown-up adults. Veteran yet young-at-heart stalwart star-actor Anupam Kher is no exception. The ‘zinda-dil’  actor was in his dil-toh bachha hai-jee mood while on the stage with the cast and crew.  The internationally acclaimed yet modest actor ( Anupam)  proudly held the powerful mytho-weapon ‘gadda’ ( mace) on his shoulder. Which he briefly ‘borrowed’ from the mighty young  ‘Chhota Bheem’ ( child actor Yagya Bhasin) while on-stage...  This was witnessed by the invited audience at  the  spectacular  melodious two tracks launch of  live action movie Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan, sung beautifully by star-playback singers Shaan and Sukhwinder Singh in presence of the singers, the composer, the cast and crew. Producer-director Rajiv Chilaka's Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan is all set for its spectacular theatrical release. The movie is all set to storm cinema theatres on Friday 31st May 2024. The makers launched two soulful yet pulsating tracks from the live-action stunning-visuals movie titled Jamboora and  Zara Muskura sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Shaan respectively, composed by versatile genius Raghav Sachar...

Anupam Kher who plays a pivotal roleof ‘Guru Shambu’  in ‘Chhota Bheem’ (2024) jogged into a flash-back and recalled that the last time he led a ‘Gadda (mace) was when while in the fifth standard, he played one of the warrior-monkeys of Lord Hanuman’s mighty team at a Ram-Leela Utsav in his home-town.  Later  Anupam also jokingly said, that although his young co-stars were frequently throwing tantrums ( “mera-jeena-haraam kiya”) on the shooting sets they all shared a friendly fond bonding.  “Acting with smart kids as co-stars is always a learning experience for me and I am always seeking to experience new wonders. It’s a sentimental coincidence that that this movie ‘Choota Bheem’ is releasing now. Which coincides with my completion of  40 years of  Bollywood acting-- have started with the landmark classic movie ‘Saaransh’(1984),” said ‘acting-Guru’ Anupam who also shared that he proudly agreed to display an artistic –temporary design tattoo on his clean-shaven head,  as his on-screen ‘Shambhu’  character  ‘get-up’   which added to the impactful-look of the character.   

The audiences witnessed a live awesome performance of the songs by the talented singers Shaan and Sukhwinder Singh – Jam-Jam-Jamboora is a foot-tapping terrific track that captures the magical element of the movie. Sung by Sukhwinder Singh ( who said he was also inspired by watching Anupam Kher’s vibrant colourful dance-acting-on-screen for that song)  in his energetic voice and composed by Raghav Sachar the song features Anupam Kher along with Chhota Bheem and his Sena. ‘Zara Muskura’ is a soulful melodious haunting track that sets in all the positive sentimental vibes. Vocals by Shaan and music composed by Raghav Sachar the soothing song is a breath of fresh air. Composer Raghav Sachar ( who plays 41 musical instruments !!) played the flute and saxophone on stage with the singers performing at the event.

The movie stars stalwart senior actors  Anupam Kher  ( as ‘Guru Shambu’) and Makrand Deshpande  ( as ‘Skandhi’)  along with child-actor Yagya Bhasin who plays the titular role. The movie also features Navneet Kaur Dhillon ( as evil-naagin  'Takshika'),  Kabir Shaikh (Kalia), Advik Jaiswal( Raju), Daivik Dawar (Dholu), Divyam Dawar (Bholu), Aashriya Misra(Chutki) and Swarna Pandey (Indumati) and  talented, charming co-producer Megha Chilaka as  ‘Chhota Bheem’s mother.

Produced and directed by visionary Rajiv Chilaka and co-produced by Megha Chilaka the ‘live action’ movie  Chhota Bheem and The Curse of Damyaan is written by Niraj Vikram and co-produced by Srinivas Chilakalapudi along with Bharath Laxmipati, music by versatile Raghav Sachar. The film is all set to storm the cinema theaters this Friday  31st May, 2024.

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