Beat Summer Heat with Blockbuster Encounters, Action, and Drama!

This week at the movies, you’re in for a real treat! We’ve got chilling supernatural adventures, heart-pounding action thrillers, and steamy romances set against the sports backdrop.

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Beat Summer Heat with Blockbuster Encounters, Action, and Drama!
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This week at the movies, you’re in for a real treat! We’ve got chilling supernatural adventures, heart-pounding action thrillers, and steamy romances set against the sports backdrop. Whether you crave nostalgia, laughter, or a dose of adrenaline, there's a perfect film waiting to transport you. So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready to dive into our top picks for your weekend entertainment! And guess what? Passport by PVR INOX lets you catch all the week's excitement from Monday to Thursday. So, don't miss out—head to your nearest PVR INOX cinema and let the fun begin!

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire
Can you believe it's been 40 years since the iconic Ghostbusters first graced the silver screen? A whirlwind of ectoplasmic chaos, quirky gadgets, and Bill Murray's trademark wit, it epitomized ’80s comedic brilliance. Fast-forward to today's Frozen Empire, where the stakes are even higher, yet the Ghostbusters franchise has evolved into a captivating series of paranormal adventures. With Dan Aykroyd returning to the action, injecting a bit of soul into the mix, the nostalgia is real.

In Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, directed by Gil Kenan, the Spengler family relocates to the iconic New York City firehouse, teaming up with the original Ghostbusters to revolutionize ghost-busting with a top-secret research lab. But when discovering an ancient artifact unleashes an evil force, threatening a second ice age, new recruits, and seasoned Ghostbusters must unite to protect their home and embark on their most monumental mission yet. With stars Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, and Finn Wolfhard, this supernatural comedy adventure, crafted by the talented team of Gil Kenan, Jason Reitman, and Ivan Reitman, promises thrills and laughter galore. Get ready for another round of ghostly thrills and nostalgic chills as Ghostbusters continues to captivate audiences with its timeless charm.


Challengers (2024)
Brace yourself for Challengers, a scorching new film from the mastermind behind ‘Call Me By Your Name’, Director Luca Guadagnino. This time, Guadagnino plunges us into a world pulsating with sweat, desire, and ruthless ambition. Picture tennis matches so intense they resemble a brutal ballet of vengeance. Best friends turned rivals, Patrick (Josh O’Connor) and Art (Mike Faist), find themselves locked in a fierce battle for the affections of Tashi (Zendaya), a rising tennis superstar. Their games become intense battles, fracturing their friendship amidst simmering grudges. Zendaya takes the lead among a trio of players caught in a compelling love triangle, seamlessly intertwining romance with the competitive spirit of professional sports.

But Challengers isn’t just a sports film; it’s a mind-bending exploration of obsession. Every frame crackles with tension, and every racket swing echoes with unspoken longings. Zendaya ignites the screen, a force of nature who wields her allure like a weapon. It is sensual, hungry, and phenomenally exciting filmmaking. Get ready for a wild ride because Challengers will leave you breathless, questioning the depths of desire and the cost of obsession.


Ruslaan (2024) - Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date - BookMyShow
In this riveting action-thriller, Ruslaan, a young man molded by tragedy and driven by patriotism, embarks on a compelling journey of duty and destiny. Raised by a caring Mumbai ATS officer after the loss of his terrorist father, Ruslaan discovers his purpose in serving his nation by joining the RAW. However, his life takes a dark turn when he's framed for the murder of an American delegate. Forced into a perilous quest for survival and redemption, Ruslaan channels the resilience of Abhimanyu from the Mahabharata as he unravels a deadly conspiracy.
Directed by Karan Lalit Butani and featuring Aayush Sharma in his third venture, alongside Sushrii Shreya Mishraa, Jagapathi Babu, and Vidya Malvade, this film promises an unforgettable story that seamlessly blends emotion and action. Prepare for a cinematic experience that touches the heart and packs a punch as Ruslaan hits theaters, delivering a thrilling saga of courage, sacrifice, and unwavering love for one’s nation.

Ghilli (re-release)

Watch Ghilli (Tamil) Full Movie Online | Sun NXT
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Thalapathy Vijay’s Ghilli storms back into theaters, breaking records and capturing hearts once more. Directed by Dharani, the action-packed sports film stars Vijay as Velu, a state-level Kabaddi player entangled with the powerful local leader Muthupandi, played by Prakash Raj. When Muthupandi targets Dhanalakshmi (Trisha), Velu steps in, leading to an epic clash. With Vijay’s magnetic presence and Trisha’s charm, the remake of Mahesh Babu’s Okkadu became a Tamil cinema gem globally in 2004.
As eager fans converge to witness the resurgence of on-screen enchantment, the debut collaboration of Vijay and Trisha infuses a poignant touch to the cinematic spectacle. Amidst the political buzz, Ghilli reignites nostalgia and fervor, reminding audiences why Vijay remains a titan of Kollywood. Ghilli dominates the charts as the film with the highest opening day footfall in 2024 in Tamil Nadu, and is among the highest grossers for a re-released film. Catch this cult classic re-release and witness Vijay in top form as he delivers power-packed action sequences and undeniable charisma. Ghilli is a perfect blend of sports action and romance, making it a great choice for your weekend entertainment.


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