Bobby Deol will be seen in Anurag Kashyap's next thriller film!

Bollywood actors Bobby Deol and Anurag Kashyap are set to collaborate on a serious thriller film

The film's story is based on a true story of a man wrongly implicated in a rape case

The project is a long-awaited partnership between Bobby Deol and Anurag Kashyap, who have admired each other since 2017

Production is scheduled to begin in May, with most of the filming taking place in Mumbai

Bobby Deol is having a successful year, with roles in South Indian cinema and other Bollywood projects

The film is expected to be on a larger scale than Anurag Kashyap's recent works

Bobby Deol's packed schedule also includes a web series and other film projects

Bobby Deol made a remarkable comeback to the film industry with the film "Animal"

The collaboration between Bobby Deol and Anurag Kashyap has generated excitement among fans

The film is expected to make an impact with its intense storyline and ensemble cast