Darasing Khurana met Queen Camilla in London

Actor Darasing Khurana became the first Asian to be appointed the Commonwealth 'Year of Youth Champion' this year

He recently met Queen Camilla of England, wife of King Charles III, Head of the Commonwealth, in London

Darasing Khurana founded the PauseBreathe.Talk Foundation in memory of his late friend Sushant Singh Rajput.

The foundation aims to make therapy affordable and accessible to all, especially the youth

During the meeting with Queen Camilla, Darasing discussed his plans for youth mental health and well-being

They agreed on the need for a better balance of technology in the lives of young people and a Commonwealth-wide program to address this

Darasing's foundation has identified a decline in concentration and patience levels and an increase in anxiety among youth due to excessive use of electronics and social media

He is working with Dr Rekha Chaudhary to encourage lifestyle changes that help young people cope with technology and social media.