Ejaz Khan spoke on his breakup with Pavitra Punia, said- I don't know

Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia broke up in 2023, and Eijaz recently opened up about the breakup in an interview

Eijaz expressed his struggles in dealing with the breakup, mentioning the importance of staying busy and finding a greater purpose

Despite the heartbreak, Eijaz emphasized his belief in true love and the importance of moving on from past relationships

Eijaz Khan is a well-known TV actor who has appeared in various popular shows like Bigg Boss 14, Kavyanjali, and Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka

Pavitra Punia, known for her roles in Love You Zindagi and Baalveer Returns, was also part of Bigg Boss 14 along with Eijaz

Eijaz highlighted the significance of accepting the end of a relationship and focusing on self-growth and positivity

The actor shared his journey of accepting the breakup over time and moving forward with a positive mindset

Eijaz Khan's interview shed light on the emotional impact of breakups and the resilience needed to overcome such challenges in life