Emotional pride for Raveena Tandon! ‘Chowk’ named after her genius director father ‘late’ Ravi Tandon by Chaitanya Padukone

This Friday (Feb 16th) evening, a vantage location Chowk (junction) at Juhu (Mumbai) near PVR cinema theatre will be named after  'late'  genius eminent Hindi filmmaker Ravi Tandon.

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Emotional pride for Raveena Tandon

This Friday (Feb 16th) evening, a vantage location Chowk (junction) at Juhu (Mumbai) near PVR cinema theatre will be named after  'late'  genius eminent Hindi filmmaker Ravi Tandon. This date is just a day before his actual 88th birth anniversary. The formal unveiling of the Chowk would be done by his wife Mrs Veena Tandon, in the presence of top BJP political dignitaries Ashish Shelar and Ameet Satam and several well-wisher showbiz celebs.  Already actress-daughter Raveena Tandon is overwhelmed with sentimental pride and honour.  

Communicating exclusively with senior film-journalist Chaitanya Padukone, (whom she knows,  much before she became an actress,) the charismatic  'Mohra' actress  (Raveena) reacted. "I will feel immensely honored to see my ‘late’ father's (Ravi Tandon) legacy recognized and perpetuated in such a meaningful way. His contributions to the film industry as a versatile, trend-setting filmmaker were truly significant. Having a Chowk named after him in Mumbai is a testament to his hard work and dedication. It fills my heart with emotional pride to see his name immortalized in this manner, and I am grateful for the love and respect shown towards him by the industry and the city of Mumbai, which he loved and I'm proud to carry forward his legacy in my own distinct way. Whenever people speak about my Dad,  they often reminisce about his immense passion, and his versatility, dedication to his craft and his excellent sense of film music. Many recall his films being diverse, innovative and trend-setting. Mostly, I think that the dynamic approach is something that even I have tried to incorporate into how I choose my roles and scripts.

My film-maker father (Ravi Tandon) made musical hits landmark films like include Khel Khel Mein, Majboor, Nazrana, Khud-daar, Anhonee, Jhoota Kahin Ka and Zindagi. As can be observed he directed a wide range of subjects---from amazing comedy to heart-wrenching emotional dramas to gripping suspense thrillers. His innovative filmmaking ability created memorable cinematic experiences and entertaining impacts on audiences and for the film fraternity. Industry people also speak highly of his kindness, generosity, and the complete gentleman that he was. I believe that my dad deserves every bit of respect and recognition he receives from the film industry. His contributions and creative body of work have left a long-lasting impact on the world of cinema. While he may not always be in the spotlight, his influence can still be felt even today. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the respect he continues to receive,, “ the (Disney+Hotstar)  'Karmma Calling' actress (Raveena) shared with me.  

The large-hearted Raveena on behalf of her charitable social-welfare initiative  'Rudra Foundation',---she will also donate cycles to handicapped persons on the occasion of the Shri Ravi Tandon Chowk unveiling event. 

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