Emraan Hashmi said this about working with Mallika Sherawat

Emraan Hashmi expressed his desire to work with Mallika Sherawat again after their successful collaboration in the film 'Murder' 20 years ago

Despite rumors of past misunderstandings and ego clashes, both actors have put the past behind them and are open to collaborating once more

Emraan Hashmi mentioned that during their initial work together, they were young and impulsive, leading to some misunderstandings, but they have now moved on from that phase

Mallika Sherawat had previously shared about ego clashes with Emraan Hashmi during the promotion of 'Murder', but she also praised him as an amazing co-star

Emraan Hashmi's positive comments about Mallika Sherawat indicate a willingness to set aside any past disagreements for future professional collaborations

Both actors have spoken warmly about each other in recent interviews, hinting at a potential reunion on screen

Emraan Hashmi is set to appear in the upcoming show 'Showtime', while Mallika Sherawat was last seen in 'Pambattam'

Fans of the duo from 'Murder' can look forward to a possible reunion in the future, as Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat seem open to working together again