Gioconda Vessichelli: Fusion Expert Adds Sufi Qawwalis and Opera

The Bollywood opera Gioconda Vesichelli, featuring fusion between qawwalis and opera, is currently in Lahore, Pakistan

The fusion is a collaboration between renowned Pakistani singer Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Italian opera singer Gioconda Vessichelli

The fusion song, "Mohabbat Kya Hai," combines elements of Qawwali and opera styles, showcasing the blend of two complex genres

A video capturing the genesis and creation process of the fusion song went viral on social media, highlighting the singers' pure-hearted approach to music

Gioconda Vessichelli, an opera star and fusion expert, holds two degrees from the University of Music "Santa Cecilia" in Rome, Italy

The fusion project has received recognition from Pakistani politicians and is generating enthusiasm worldwide for its musical value and message of unity and love

Gioconda Vesichelli is currently working on several songs with Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, exploring the unique combination of qawwalis and opera

The collaboration between these two musical stalwarts has given birth to a new genre of musical fusion, making history in the Pakistani music scene

The fusion of qawwalis and opera has been celebrated with great enthusiasm, and a viral video shows Gioconda choosing among different dresses of Nida Fateh Ali Khan

The project not only showcases the musical talent of Pakistan but also promotes the connection between Western classical music and the country