Gulshan Devaiah & Saiyami Kher: '8AM Metro' Digital Premiere

The actors Gulshan Devaiah and Saiyami Kher are happy about the digital premiere of their movie "8AM Metro" which is now available after a year of its theatrical release.

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Gulshan Devaiah & Saiyami Kher: '8AM Metro' Digital Premiere
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The celebrated actors of 8AM Metro, Gulshan Devaiah and Saiyami Kher exude joy to know the film is set to be digitally released on Zee5 a year after it was theatrically premiered. Gulshan, who performs opposite Saiyami Kher in the leading roles, is just as impatient as the rest of us for the film to finally reach the OTT audiences, which was never possible before with the limited in-theatres screenings.

8AM Metro" Stars Thrilled for Digital Debut

The "8AM Metro" journey inspires us in their joint statement as Gulshan and Saiyami, "We are more than excited to know that our film, "8AM Metro" is available to audiences on digital now. "While the movie was granted with mostly positive reviews when it was in the theaters, we only had a limited release that kept many of the viewers from the movie in the theaters. Nevertheless, the social media’s intense activity and questions as to the digital edition of the film reignited among the audience the desire to have it viewed in their personal space.

"8AM Metro" is written and directed by Raj Rachakonda.  It is about the story of two strangers meeting each other on a metro ride while traveling in different directions.  They are bound to each other by an unexpected bond and eventually discover themselves and each other along the way. The movie is bound to leave audiences spellbound during the premiere on Zee5 on 10th May with its beautiful narration and great acting skills.

Gulshan thanks all for giving him the chance to be a part of such a meaningful project, "8AM Metro", which he is proud to be a part of his career.  It is a movie that celebrates the beauty of human connections and the sweet moments that unexpectedly change our lives.

Saiyami Kher happily said, “ 8AM Metro has a home on OTT.  It is a small-budget film that was made with heart and I am so happy to be a part of it”. The story of 2 strangers entering each other's life and transforming it into something better.  This is achieved through uncommon friendship. '8 am metro' is an ultimate heartwarming real-life mentor which has helped me to know myself better.

With the digital premiere of "8AM Metro" around the corner, Gulshan & Saiyami is all set to treat audiences across the globe with this enthralling story which encourages viewers to enjoy the company of their own self.

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