Hina Khan shared the video of her first chemo session, said- 'I am ready to bow down...'

Actress Hina Khan shared a video of her first chemotherapy session on July 1, expressing her positive attitude towards fighting breast cancer

Hina revealed her third-stage breast cancer diagnosis on social media and emphasized normalizing the experience for herself and others

Before her chemo session, Hina attended an award event, showcasing her resilience and determination to continue pursuing her work and passions

Encouraging fans, Hina urged everyone to face challenges head-on, set goals, and never give up despite difficulties

Celebrities like Ekta Kapoor and Mouni Roy praised Hina for her strength and courage in dealing with her health battle

Hina's video garnered support and admiration from fans and stars alike, highlighting her inspirational journey

The video captures Hina's transition from a glamorous event to a hospital visit for chemotherapy, symbolizing her unwavering spirit

Through her public battle with cancer, Hina aims to inspire others to approach challenges with positivity and determination