"I'm a Huge Advocate of Women's Empowerment,” says Actress, Producer Arushi Nishank

Actress and producer Arushi Nishank is a strong advocate for women's empowerment

Arushi Nishank has worked hard to establish herself in the entertainment industry and is now gaining recognition for her upcoming film 'Tarini', which tells the inspiring story of six brave women naval officers

The film pays tribute to the Indian Navy and showcases the incredible spirit and determination of these women who embarked on a historic expedition spanning 22,000 nautical miles

Arushi Nishank is not only acting in the film but also venturing into producing, as she is passionate about sharing the story of these courageous women with the world

She is actively involved in shaping the story alongside writer Prasoon Joshi and the production team

Arushi Nishank's dedication, talent, and passion for the subject matter promise to make 'Tarini' a powerful and uplifting journey celebrating the achievements of ordinary women who dared to dream big

The actress admires and respects actor Pankaj Tripathi, with whom she recently shared an adorable moment

Arushi Nishank's physical preparation for her role in 'Tarini' includes regular gym workouts and yoga sessions

She is excited about filming at diverse locations and draws inspiration from watching films of all genres

Arushi Nishank hopes to work with Pankaj Tripathi in the future