Jaya Bachchan's last day in Parliament from Rajya Sabha!

It was an emotional moment! She had reached the Rajya Sabha from the Samajwadi Party quota and as an outspoken leader, she always made her presence felt in the House and spoke on the issues.

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Last day of Rajya Sabha membership term of senior actress, Member of Parliament Smt. Jaya Bachchan...!

It was an emotional moment! She had reached the Rajya Sabha from the Samajwadi Party quota and as an outspoken leader, she always made her presence felt in the House and spoke on the issues. Naturally, she was known for presenting her views outspoken, without hesitation, and with fearless ferocity. Due to this, she has been a victim of criticism many times. People say that she speaks the language of others. Be it the occasion of a film event, talking about her family, or speaking on some important issue in the Parliament House, Jaya Bachchan is Jaya Bachchan. In her farewell speech from Parliament this session, Jaya Bachchan said, "Whatever I find wrong, I cannot tolerate it, I say it."

Her talk on elder people's welfare was criticized

In her long list of lectures in the Parliament House, one thing she had presented very aggressively was the issue of the interests of senior citizens. One of Jaya's statements, spoken in her sharp style, had become controversial - "Kill senior citizens". She said that the government should kill all senior citizens. Kill citizens above 65 years of age because the government is not ready to pay attention to these elders. She had asked if it is a crime to be a senior citizen in India.

Ms. Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan

Due to her blunt speech, always becomes a victim of criticism

Elaborating on her point, Ms. Jaya Bachchan had said that why it is that senior citizens above 70 years of age are not entitled to medical insurance. They do not get loans on EMI. They are not issued driving licenses and depend on others for survival. A person who pays all the taxes and insurance premiums till the age of 60-65 years, that person has to pay all the taxes even after becoming a senior citizen. The discount of up to 50 percent given to them for traveling in trains and airplanes has also been stopped. Senior citizens are also having to bear the loss of falling interest rates in banks. Jaya Bachchan's comment was actually for the welfare of senior citizens, but her aggressive style was such that people on social media made an issue of it by writing her words - "Kill the elderly." Simply, because of always saying meaningful things in her sharp style, Jaya Bachchan becomes a victim of criticism.

Ms. Jaya Bachchan

There is indeed a reality in her argument

In fact, instead of discussing all her points, if we consider only her comments to the senior citizen, then there is a reality in her arguments. Under the country's system, MPs, MLAs, leaders holding ministerial positions and bureaucrats (government employees) get pensions. Why are the elders of the country away from these similar facilities? If their children don't take care of them, where will they go? Is there anything for them? It is indeed an aspect to consider. If those who do not have any support system as they age, gather their strength, a lot can change. If they come forward on their own then the situation of the government will deteriorate due to their voting rights. The government may have to face consequences.

The government should think on Jaya Bachchan’s comment

The government should have schemes for senior citizens, such as a pension after the age of 60, and a lifelong health insurance facility - the premium of which should be paid by the government. Concession in train, bus, and air travel for all senior citizens. Housing arrangements for needy elderly people in every city. Change in the policy of scrapping old cars (other than commercial vehicles) after 10-15 years so that the elderly can be allowed to drive their vehicles, etc. The policy of the government is that senior citizens should have a life of dignity and they should get the basic facilities of life, this is the meaning of Jaya Bachchan's statement in the Parliament.

-Sharad Rai

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