Jyoti Saxena Slams Poonam Pandey's Fake Death Stunt

POONAM PANDEY FAKE DEATH "Such a cheap way to earn money in the name of the campaign and play with the emotions of people", says actress Jyoti Saxena as she lashes out at Poonam Pandey Cheap Media Tactics

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Jyoti Saxena Slams Poonam Pandey's Fake Death Stunt
In a scathing response to Poonam Panday's recent media tactics, actress Jyoti Saxena has voiced her disdain for what she deems as an appalling and insensitive approach to garner publicity. The controversy erupted when Poonam Panday's social media post mentioned that the actress had passed away due to Cervical Cancer even her PR/Management team had circulated on confirming her death and that news had shaken the entire nation including actress Jyoti Saxena.
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Jyoti Slams Exploitative Cancer Strategy

Expressing her vehement disapproval because the actress had lost a very close one due to cancer and expressing her anger Jyoti says, "This is one of the worst media strategies anyone could ever employ. Exploiting the tragedy of cervical cancer death for cheap publicity is not just acceptable at all; it's downright disgusting. Cancer is a serious and sensitive subject, and using it as a tool for publicity is not only unethical but also harmful to the minds of young people."

Poonam Pandey's Fake Cancer Awareness

Poonam Pandey's Fake Cancer Awareness: A Dangerous Game

"Spreading fake awareness on a matter as grave as cancer is a dangerous game. It not only creates unnecessary panic and fear but also dilutes the real issues at hand. We should be working towards genuine awareness. Celebrities' social media accounts are used to spread awareness but not such cheap awareness as Poonam Pandey and her team did, grow up morons. I feel pity for her for what all she had to do for the sake of money"

Jyoti Saxena's strong condemnation stands as a reminder of the need for responsible and ethical communication, using the platform for the right of education and awareness to the audience particularly when dealing with sensitive topics that impact the lives of many.
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