Kamakhya Studio Inaugurated in Andheri: A Hub for Creativity

Kamakhya Studio inaugurated  in Andheri, will be a hub for creativity and is equipped with state-of-the-art recording facilities along with dance and dramatics

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Kamakhya Studio Inaugurated in Andheri A Hub for Creativity
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Anuja Sahai and Umesh Giri’s Kamakhya Studio was inaugurated by General Sanjay Raole. Anuja Sahai is another artist who has opened a new chapter in her career by inaugurating a recording, shooting, dance, and theater studio named Kiya Studio by Commander Sanjay Raole in the heart of Mumbai Andheri West. Following this milestone, Anuja has been able to release her most recent song entitled ROOHEDARIYAN which is a powerful and emotional musical journey that is sung by the beautiful voices of Anuja Sahai and Umesh Giri.
ROOHEDARIYAN has been crafted as soulful music that is able to touch the heart of the audience and envelop them in the experience within. Anuja Sahai’s wonderful voice and Umeshgiri’s blend, which is very heart-touching, harmoniously create music that is both gentle and heartbreaking. The song is proof of Anuja’s versatility as an artist, she is able to transform the listeners’ emotional state with the help of her songs.

Roohedariyan: A Soulful Journey Through Love and Strength


The song itself features Anuja Sahai and the brilliant Abhi Khajuria whose vocal talent provides additional richness and harmonies to the music. “Roohedarian” is a song based on love, passion, and strength of the soul written by the renowned Sudhakar Sharma and it will excite both young and old audiences. The music video for the song “ROOHEDARIYAN” is a complete visual delight directed by the visionary Raja Sarfraz Ahmed who excels in delivering a powerful message through a beautiful story and some exceptional cinematography in a way that not only captures the beauty of the song but also takes the audience on an emotional journey.

Kamakhya Studios is a new studio in the fast and furious scene in  Mumbai, It is the brainchild, created by Anuja Sahai and is expected to be the hub of the most creative and expressive entertaining stuff, It is armed with the latest modern recording technologies.

Equipped with state-of-the-art recording facilities in addition to the dance studio and drama studio, Kamakhya Studios aims to create an environment where artists can explore and hone their craft.  From recording sessions to dance and drama rehearsals, the studio offers a range of services tailored to the needs of both experienced and emerging professionals. Anuja Sahai’s dedication to her art and commitment to creating meaningful content continues to inspire audiences around the world. With the launch of Kamakhya Studios and the release of "ROOHEDARIYAN", she consolidates her position as a leading figure in the Indian entertainment industry, leaving an incredible mark on the hearts of his audience.

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