Kangana Ranaut's reaction on Raveena Tandon assault controversy

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon is accused of assaulting an elderly woman and her family

Kangana Ranaut has come out in support of Raveena Tandon, condemning the incident

Mumbai Police have rejected the allegation that Raveena Tandon was under the influence of alcohol during the incident

CCTV footage shows that Raveena Tandon's car did not hit anyone, contradicting the complainant's claims

Both Raveena Tandon and the family involved in the incident have chosen not to file any complaints

Raveena Tandon recently appeared in the film "Patna Shukla" and will be seen in the upcoming movie "Welcome to the Jungle"

The incident has sparked controversy and discussions about road rage and violent behavior

Kangana Ranaut expressed concern that if there were more people present during the incident, Raveena Tandon could have been lynched

The Mumbai Police have investigated the incident and found no evidence of wrongdoing by Raveena Tandon