Kapil Sharma celebrates historic re-union (‘landing’ ?) with Sunil Grover on ‘airport-terminal’ sets of Netflix series "The Great Indian Kapil Show" starting March 30th by Chaitanya Padukone

In keeping with current trend of mood-elevating shock-surprise elements, the  news-media was invited on the lavish  sets of  upcoming ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show ‘ at Film City (Mumbai).

By Chaitanya Padukone
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The Great Indian Kapil Show
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In keeping with the current trend of mood-elevating shock-surprise elements, the news media was invited to the lavish sets of the upcoming ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show ‘ at Film City (Mumbai). The wonderful backdrop sets perfectly resembled the simulated interiors of an airport terminal lounge against which their upcoming OTT Netflix series titled The Great Indian Kapil Show trailer was projected along with shock-surprise elements! The hilarious madness OTT show with lots of innovative and quirky changes yet retaining its ‘Kapil-ian’ hansi-mazaak signature flavor is about to ‘take off’ on Netflix this Saturday, March 30th at 8 pm

Great Indian Kapil Show --Kapil Sharma cuts advance B'Day cake
Kapil Sharma cuts advance B'Day cake

The Great Kapil Show Reunion

The unique supreme laugh-riot show brings together TV superstars Kapil Sharma, Krushna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda, Rajiv Thakur, and of course loud-laughter-queen Archana Puran Singh. But the pleasant shock-value highlight is the 'historic' patch-up and re-union of the birthday-huey (?) co-stars-friends Kapil Sharma and comedy-megastar  Sunil ( ‘Gutthi’) Grover on this Great Kapil Netflix show.

Great Re-Uniion of  Sunil Grover-Kapil Sharma Show
Great Re-Uniion of  Sunil Grover-Kapil Sharma Show

Interestingly, charismatic Kapil also cut his birthday cake (it's actually on April 2nd) on the ‘TGIKS’ sets, a week in advance. In one of his upbeat moods, Kapil sprang a sureela surprise when he sang the iconic Rafi-saab-RDBurman composed filmy song “Gulabi Aankhen’ live on stage. Prior to that, one of his band musicians played an instrumental live version of ‘Main Hoon Don’ filmy song, with Kapil swinging to the tune. Was it indirectly proclaim that ‘Kapil Sharma is the ‘Don’ of the  Indian laughter world?

Starting with a glamour-dhamaaka the initial episode of  this new Great Indian Kapil show will feature the RK Kapoor parivaar ( for the first time coming together)  as celeb-guests comprising senior star-actress evergreen Neetu Kapoor, mega-star son Ranbir Kapoor and his gorgeous (fashion-designer) sister Riddhima Kapoor-Sahani

Great Indian Kapil Show --Krushna Abhishek with Kiku Sharda
Krushna Abhishek with Kiku Sharda

When confronted about his in-flight mid-air verbal brawl with Sunil Grover with Kapil Sharma, the chilled-out Grover called it  “a publicity stunt”  because they apparently knew in advance that their show was to eventually come on Netflix”.  Adding to Sunil’s intriguing explanation, Archana Puran Singh observed that there has never been any rivalry, jealousy or negativity on the sets.  “The Great Indian Kapil Show” actors' revelations, Kapil Sharma is set to make a comeback with a new sketch comedy series titled "The Great Indian Kapil Show."

Great Indian Kapil Show --Sunil Grover sings

When asked to comment, the dynamic top boss Tanya Bami--Series Head—Netflix India shared, “ From the day I joined Netflix, I had this in mind that Kapil’s fabulous hilarious show with their world-class laugh-riot show should be streaming on Netflix, Even during the corona pandemic, Kapil’s team ensured that their ‘show-must-go-on’. Their comic content backed by their special talents as ‘excellent performers’ is studded with moments of madness, yet very classy and so relatable. Now on OTT  The Great Indian Kapil Show  gang will go global with a big bang, with over 190 overseas countries watching it

The Great Indian Kapil Show

Kapil Sharma: shared that .” It feels very good and we all know that you love this show very much. And as it is said step by step you all need to grow. So this time when I saw the trailer of this show, we felt, “kaafi mehengi artistes lagg rahe hai hum log" (We seem to be quite expensive). The intention of all of us is to make you laugh heartily for years. And this time it should be even better and bigger with more fun-variety. Because I have seen the entire episodes which have already been shot. You all have only seen the trailer.  We are confident of receiving the same love and loyalty this time for  The Great Indian Kapil Show. that you have given to me and my stand-up comedy shows for past so many years

The great Indian Kapil show press conference (8) | Sunil Grover Images -  Bollywood Hungama

Sunil Grover: who sang an ad-lib rap on stage, said “Actually when we were on this long overseas- flight six years ago when at that point of time we learned about Netflix launching in India and we decided to do a “publicity stunt” to promote the show. That was a publicity stunt. !! It has always been a delight to be part of this show. Like my colleague Kiku mentioned this is one place where we don’t feel we are working. We feel blessed to be a part of this show. I personally feel blessed that I’m part of this show. We are always laughing even behind the scenes and we carry the same crazy masti-mazaak energy on stage. My sincere gratitude-- I thank everyone.

Krushna Abhishek

Krushna Abhishek: “We are delighted to be on Netflix this time so we thought of doing something absolutely new so I'm once again playing a ‘female character’ on the new show. But I will also be playing various screen avatars of top stars like Ranbir Kapoor in Animal and doing take-offs on popular top stars  We have discussed a lot about how we should bring different refreshing variety of hilarious characters. You’ll see Kiku and me playing amusing impactful characters, never seen before on TV,  as we have shot most of our acts together”.

Archana Puran Singh - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Archana Puran Singh: “Over the years TV Superstar Kapil has not changed and has remained grounded. All of us share the same personal bonding - rapport and mutual love and respect as before. In any entertainment content, the contribution of the writers is the biggest, especially in comedy. The most difficult task is to write for comedy which will make people laugh. These seasoned comedy stars like Kapil, Abhishek, Kiku, and Rajiv constantly improvise on stage and shine but the foundation of the show is the team of the Kapil show writers and we all salute and applaud their brilliant talent”

Great Indian KAPIL Show Airport Terminal sets at FilmCity
Great Indian KAPIL Show Airport Terminal sets at FilmCity
Great Indian Kapil Show Airport Terminal at FilmCity
Great Indian Kapil Show Airport Terminal at FilmCity


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