Karan Johar Mimicry on Comedy Show Sparks Anger

Karan Johar, a well-known filmmaker, expressed his anger towards a comedian who mimicked him on a comedy show

Johar shared his disappointment on social media, stating that the comedian's behavior was disrespectful and sad

Many social media users speculated that the comedian in question was Ketan Singh from Sony TV's comedy show 'Madness Machayenge'

Filmmaker Ekta Kapoor showed her support for Johar and called out the prevalence of crude humor in shows and award functions

Johar thanked Kapoor for her support and reposted her message on his Instagram stories

The incident has sparked a debate about the boundaries of comedy and the treatment of industry veterans

Johar's statement highlights the need for respect and professionalism in the entertainment industry

The controversy has gained attention on various social media platforms, with users discussing the issue and sharing their opinions