Kartik Aaryan gave a statement regarding reducing his fees

Kartik Aaryan, a popular Bollywood actor, discussed the possibility of reducing his fees amidst the underperformance of Bollywood films at the box office

Aaryan believes that if a star is not able to generate revenue from digital rights, satellite rights, or theatrical business, they should be willing to lower their price

The actor currently charges Rs 35-40 crore for a film, but he emphasized the importance of fairness and the need for profitability for everyone involved in the film

Aaryan had previously reduced his fees while working on the film Shehzada, which was facing financial problems, and he was given the producer's credit as a result

He stated that many stars make such adjustments for the success of their films, as everyone wants their films to do well and be profitable

Aaryan's upcoming film, Chandu Champion, is highly anticipated by his fans

The actor believes in working hard and ensuring that everyone involved in the film industry has work and income

Aaryan's stance on reducing fees reflects a larger trend in Bollywood, where actors and filmmakers are adapting to the changing dynamics of the industry

The actor's willingness to reduce his fees shows his commitment towards the success of his films and the overall ecosystem of the film industry