Lauv's Romance Stories Make Waves on Apple Music: Who Is He?

Presently, the joint work of legendary American singer Lauv and Armaan Malik on 'Lauv Stories' Episode 5 on 'Only Just Begin Radio' is gaining momentum on Apple Music.

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Lauv's Romance Stories Make Waves on Apple Music

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The Net World is a collection of no-strings-attached 'love stories' that bind the artistic ties between the music artists of the two different countries.

It may not be a name that Indian music lovers will readily recognize, but who is Lauv? Let us know.

Lauv, the singer-lyricist, who is well known globally by the name of Lauv, is not the real Lauv. I am talking about his actual name that few people know about it. The true name of this famous singer/lyricist is Ari Staprans Leff. From the very beginning as a kid, Eri was quite smart and he had a very gorgeous voice.  As he grew up, he also became known for his skills as a gifted singer-songwriter. That was where he was born, his hometown, San Francisco, California on August 8, 1994.  At an early age, Lauv found out that music was his thing. However, he was not able to take the next step because of his ignorance of music so he enrolled in New York University to study Music Technology, where he got an opportunity to hone his skills and make a living in the music industry.

In 2015, Lauv released his debut single, "The Other", which has made everyone fall in love with his voice and true-to-the-heart lyrics. He gained a devoted following, which was a result of his pure vocals and lyrics about love, loneliness, and personal growth.  The topics of these songs were varied but they still were relatable. At the same time, he kept releasing singles on his own.

In 2017 the life of Lauv completely transformed and he gained international recognition and fame by releasing his hit single "I Like Me Better”. The song held the top spot on the charts in many countries. This song exactly made him a leading figure in the global music scene where he was accepted by the fans as a rising star.

Similarly, with many artists who are emotionally sensitive, Lauv has been experiencing mental health problems and is frank when it comes to his mental condition. He decided to talk about it and he did just the same. Lauv took the first step by talking about his own mental health and making music that is relatable to common people. While he was juggling between his concert tours and recording of single songs, he, nevertheless, concentrated on working with organizations and initiatives that aimed at the promotion of mental wellness.  He also gave the money from his music to mental health charities.

Besides a number of his individual music singles, Lauv has collaborated with artists in different genres, like BTS, Alessia Cara, and Ellie Goulding. These partnerships have taken his multi-faceted talent to the next level, and as the years passed by, his popularity spread far and wide to all the continents of the world.

In 2020, Lauv dropped his first album "How I'm Feeling", which was received as a masterpiece by many people for the artist's deep lyrics and interesting melodies. The album had self-discovery, love, and loneliness as the main themes, which many ordinary youth and fans could particularly relate to, identifying with those feelings on a personal level.

In 2022, Lauv released his second studio album, "All 4 Nothing," and therefore, he won the hearts of his fans with his sincere music and genuine live performances. Thereafter He chose to hit the road and went on a tour to promote the album and meet his fans all across North America.

Besides songwriting and music, Lauv has also gained popularity for his caring attitude, intellectual curiosity, heart full of love, and passion for charitable and philanthropic activities. He has made a broad use, and will still be using, his talent and fame to front the social causes that he believes in. Today's young people are immersed in their careers and fun, but Lauve falls in the category of a new generation youth, who is a world-renowned music star, great lyricist, and is also educated and trained in music, but continues to support charitable causes. I am especially referring to mental health awareness.

Concerning his private life, Lauv has even publicly been dating singer-songwriter Sophie Cates since last year. He is incredibly honest about his Latvian heritage and frequently visits to Latvia to get in touch with his roots and family.

Lauv's career in music and life portrays the traits of authenticity, vulnerability, and a person who is committed to doing something good. Through his many music and activism performances, he still excites and fires up the minds of people of all nations. And now the Indian artists and the American singer lyricists both have become even more prosperous, not just in terms of profit but also for the country's music respectively.

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