Pavail Gulati began his Fitness transformation for Deva and is all prepared to play a cop

Pavail Gulati, a popular actor in the Indian Television industry and Bollywood, has undergone a remarkable fitness transformation

He has gone from being a lean-looking guy to a muscular man, ready to play a cop in his upcoming movie "Deva"

Gulati has dedicated himself to intense fitness training and has visibly changed his physique

The release of "Deva" has motivated him even more to look the part alongside co-star Shahid Kapoor

Gulati's fitness journey has been about commitment, discipline, and trying something new

He has gained around 3 kilograms of muscle and reduced his body fat

The actor, who has always been slim, has faced challenges in bulking up for the role

Gulati's dedication to fitness has inspired his fans and followers to pursue their own fitness goals

His transformation is not only evident on screen but also through his social media accounts

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