Pavail Gulati: 'Deva' Signals Action Movie Surge in Bollywood

Pavail Gulati expresses his happiness to be part of the action-packed film 'Deva', which is the current trend in Bollywood

'Deva' is directed by Roshan Andrews and features Shahid Kapoor, Pooja Hegde, and Pavail Gulati

Gulati is excited to collaborate with accomplished actors and implement the director's vision

The film aims to deliver a thrilling movie experience with high-octane fight scenes

Gulati believes 'Deva' will change the notions of action in Bollywood films

The action genre in Bollywood is experiencing a resurgence with talented actors and adrenaline-rushed storylines

Deva is set to make a significant impact in the action genre and strengthen Gulati's position in the industry

The future of action cinema in India looks promising with films like Deva pushing boundaries

Gulati's passion and commitment make Deva a must-watch for action film lovers

The excitement for 'Deva' is increasing as the release date approaches