Randeep Hooda Flags 'Veer Savarkar Mukti Shatabdi' Yatra at Centenary

On the completion of 100 years of freedom fighter Veer Savarkar's liberation, actor Randeep Hooda flagged off the 'Veer Savarkar Mukti Shatabdi' Yatra.

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Randeep Hooda Flags 'Veer Savarkar Mukti Shatabdi' Yatra at Centenary

Recalling the significant contribution of armed revolutionaries to India's freedom movement, Randeep Hooda flags off the Savarkar Mukti Shatabdi Yatra as he gears up for the release of his film in 2024. The sacrifice of many revolutionaries in achieving India's independence was acknowledged along with Veer Savarkar. He was welcomed as the leader of these armed revolutionaries.

Actor Randeep Hooda, portraying the titular role of Veer Savarkar joins the Savarkar Veer Yatra

Actor Randeep Hooda joins the Savarkar Veer Yatra

His journey through prisons

After his release from Andaman in 1921, Veer Savarkar was detained in Ratnagiri and later transferred to Yerwada jail. Under increasing public pressure, Veer Savarkar was released from imprisonment on January 6, 1924. He was brought from Yerwada jail to Bombay, then to Ratnagiri on January 8, 1924, marking the beginning of his 13-year 'Samajkranti Parv'.

Actor Randeep Hooda joins the Savarkar Veer Yatra

This marks his 100th anniversary

The year 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Veer Savarkar after enduring 14 years of rigorous imprisonment and a total of 27 years of imprisonment. As a result, this year was celebrated as the centenary year of the liberation of Freedom fighter Veer Savarkar. On Saturday, the Freedom fighter Veer Savarkar National Memorial hosted an event where actor Randeep Hooda, who plays Freedom fighter Veer Savarkar in his biopic, was an integral part of the celebrations. Randeep not only acted but also wrote, directed, and produced the film.

‘Freedom Fighter Veer Savarkar Mukti Shatabdi Yatra’ started from Yerwada Jail at 9 am on January 6, 2024, to Karve Marg, Freedom Fighter Veer Savarkar Memorial, ending at Ferguson College.

Actor Randeep Hooda joins the Savarkar Veer Yatra

Randeep Hooda flagged off the rally

The journey started from Yerwada jail, marking the centenary of his release from imprisonment of 14 years out of the total 27 years he spent in jail. To mark the occasion, the police offered a statue of Veer Savarkar and handed it over to Randeep Hooda and Ranjit Savarkar. Randeep flagged off the rally and personally led it from Yerwada Jail to Freedom fighter Veer Savarkar Memorial and then concluded at Ferguson College, where Savarkar himself was once a student.

Randeep paid tribute to Savarkar at the same place ‘Navbharat Movement’ started

Later Randeep Hooda paid tribute to Savarkar in his hostel room, the same place where Savarkar had started his ‘Navbharat movement’. He paid his tribute in honor of Savarkar's historic visit there. Subsequently, a function was held where Randeep met the Savarkar family and supporters from all corners of Maharashtra who had gathered in Pune to honor and commemorate the legacy of Veer Savarkar.

Actor Randeep Hooda joins the Savarkar Veer Yatra

Randeep Hooda said

Speaking in this regard, Randeep shared, ''Today is a very historic day because today it has been 100 years since Savarkar ji was released from jail and he was kept under house arrest in Ratnagiri and was under district arrest. The day he was released from this jail, he first went to Bombay and then to Ratnagiri, where he remained in the banned movement for the next thirteen years.

Actor Randeep Hooda joins the Savarkar Veer Yatra

He further said, “He is a great freedom fighter of our country about whom people know very little. I hope that people will know more about him through my film.' If you read about him in detail, you will know that his contribution to the country was huge. Whatever misconceptions people have about him, watch and read the film once and then decide.”

Actor Randeep Hooda joins the Savarkar Veer Yatra

Various Hindu organizations and activists participated in this

Hindu organizations and activists from various places like Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri, Chinchwad, and Nigdi participated in the yatra with two-wheelers and four-wheelers. The Yatra was welcomed at Freedom Fighter Veer Savarkar Memorial at Balgandharva Chowk, Karve Marg, and ended near Fergusson College. Notable personalities including president Praveen Dixit (former Director General of Police), working president Ranjit Savarkar, treasurer Manjiri Marathe, BJP leader Sunil Deodhar, former MLA Medha Kulkarni, Savarkar lecturer and actor Sharad Ponkshe, actor Randeep Hooda, at the Freedom fighter Veer Savarkar National Memorial, Mumbai. Many political and social dignitaries, graced the event.

Actor Randeep Hooda joins the Savarkar Veer Yatra


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