Rehaa Khann is all set to make her birthday extra special, gets ready to launch her own music company and new song 'Kaveri'

Rehaa Khann, a well-known performer and beauty pageant winner, is launching her own music company and releasing a new song titled "Kaveri" on her birthday

Rehaa Khann has achieved success in various beauty pageants, including Miss Mermaid Asia International and Miss World Super Model Asia

She has also showcased her acting skills in projects like Inspector Avinash

Rehaa Khann's music company, named "R Series," will release its first track, "Kaveri," featuring Rehaa Khann and Sanam Johar

The poster of the song suggests a strong chemistry and camaraderie between the two stars

Rehaa Khann expressed her excitement about her entrepreneurial journey and the launch of her music company on her birthday

She believes that her hard work and passion will lead to positive results

Rehaa Khann's venture into entrepreneurship at a young age is commendable and she has the potential for success

Wishing Rehaa Khann a happy birthday and good luck with her music company and song

Stay tuned for more updates on Rehaa Khann's upcoming projects