Singer King Makes History: First Indian Pop Artist at Cannes

Indian pop artist, Singer King, made history by being the first-ever Indian pop artist to walk the red carpet at the 77th Cannes Film Festival

King's appearance at Cannes is a significant moment for Indian music, highlighting its growing influence on the global stage

King wore a stunning silk blazer by designer Anamika Khanna, exuding charisma and confidence on the red carpet

The momentous occasion was captured by the world's media, and King received support from fans and fellow celebrities

King attended the film "Kind of Kindness," which explores defying fate and forging one's own path, resonating with King's own rise to stardom

King expressed their excitement about representing talented Indian musicians at Cannes and showcasing the potential of Indian music to the world

King's journey in the music industry has garnered a dedicated following in India and beyond, with chart-topping music and powerful live performances

King's presence at Cannes is a testament to their talent, hard work, and the growing influence of Indian pop music