Somy Ali: There is unbelievable societal pressure to look perfect at all times more so for famous people that we all have no control over

Somy Ali, a Bollywood actor turned humanitarian, discusses the societal pressure to look perfect, especially for famous people

She acknowledges the use of filters to enhance photos and hide flaws, stating that it is a personal choice and can boost confidence

However, she warns against going overboard with filters, as it can lead to an unhealthy obsession or even plastic surgery

Somy admits to using filters herself but hasn't considered posting a raw picture due to her own insecurities

She believes filters are here to stay and creators are constantly coming up with new ways to attract both celebrities and the general public

Somy does not judge others for using filters, as it would make her a hypocrite

She advises those considering plastic surgery to thoroughly research their options and choose a skilled doctor

Somy emphasizes the importance of feeling confident and comfortable with one's own appearance, regardless of societal pressures