The trailer of the Marathi film 'Delivery Boy' has been launched

Surrogacy is a boon for motherless women. But in our conservative society, there is a different kind of thinking regarding surrogacy.

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Surrogacy is a boon for motherless women. But in our conservative society, there is a different kind of thinking regarding surrogacy. Not all people are in favor of this. Some people relate it to science, while some people look at it from an emotional perspective. But people forget that when a woman is not blessed with motherhood, she is not even invited to the Haldi Kumkum ceremony. With this idea in mind, director Mohshin Khan has made a Marathi language film 'Delivery Boy', in which there is an awareness of surrogacy. An attempt has been made to create awareness. But all with humor. The matter is not serious anywhere. People will understand the importance of surrogacy while watching the film and will also get entertainment. The film is produced by Tamil-speaking David Nadar. The author is Ram Khatmode. The film industry is not new to the film's director Mohshin Khan. Mohshin Khan's father Mushtaq Khan has been active in Bollywood as an actor for 30 years and has his own identity as an actor. Along with the trailer launch of the film 'Delivery Boy', two songs were also shown to the media persons on 29th January at Cinepolis Multiplex, Andheri, and Mumbai. Along with Mushtaq Khan, famous Bollywood director Anish Bazmee was also present as a special guest on this occasion.

The 'Dohale Bhojan' ceremony was organized on this occasion

On this occasion, a special program of 'Dohale Bhojan' was also organized for the eight pregnant women of the film. The 'Dohale Bhojan' ceremony was conducted in a very traditional and royal style. Directed by Mohshin Khan, the film stars Prathamesh Parab, Prithvik Pratap, and Ankita Lande Patil in lead roles.

Presented by Cinepolis and Deepa Nayak, 'Delivery Boy' produced by Lucia Entertainment Productions is produced by David Nadar and co-produced by Felix Nadar, Vikas Srivastava, Vikas Singh, Raj Dhakad and Hrishikesh Pandey. The film is written by Ram Khatmode and Vinod Vanve.

The trailer of the film

In the trailer of the film, Ankita dreams of setting up a fertility center in the village. Prathamesh Parab and an estate agent Prithvik Pratap are seen helping her fulfill her dream. But in doing so they will have to take many risks, it will be interesting to see whether their efforts will be successful or if this dream will remain just a dream.

The film director Mohshin Khan about the film

While discussing the film ‘Delivery Boy’, director Mohshin Khan said – “There are many misconceptions in our minds regarding surrogacy. In many places, people are still living with old thinking. We have tried to change this thinking through this film. Surrogacy is a very delicate subject, but without losing its seriousness, we have tried to create awareness about it among the audience through ‘Delivery Boy’. We have presented this topic to you in a very light manner. Sometimes this story will make you laugh out loud and sometimes it will touch your heart. This is a family film, which everyone should watch with their family. Our film is bringing happiness and it is spreading this happiness to those who want this happiness. And he is taking from those to whom he is going to give something in the form of happiness."

A Tamil Producer’s first Marathi film

The producer of the film David Nadar is Tamil-speaking, but he has made his first film in the Marathi language. On this, he says – “I come from a very poor family, but whatever position I have achieved today, I have achieved it only through Marathi language. I consider Marathi as lucky for me. That's why I made my first film in the Marathi language. Its topic is also on the demand of the present time. Along with showing the plight of women who cannot have children, they are also showing how surrogacy is done.

Prathamesh Parab about the film

Actor Prathamesh Parab, who gained popularity by playing the role of Dagdu in the film “Time Pass”, is playing the role of Bhau in this film. Prathamesh Parab said- “After a long time, I am very excited to get the opportunity to be a part of a great film. Its subject is very important. Its story itself is the hero of the film. A Marathi film has been made on surrogacy before, but this is the first Marathi film to entertain while beautifully explaining surrogacy. This is not an adult but a family film. You can watch it with your entire family. Well, you know very well that I had done a film on sex education “Balak Balak”, that too was a family film. So I always do family films.

Explaining the reason for doing the film 'Delivery Boy', Prathamesh Parab said - "Generally, women who are not able to become mothers are not even invited to the Haldi Kanku program. This is what inspired me to do this film. A question came to my mind if women cannot become mothers, should we not recognize them as women? This is so wrong. That's why I felt it appropriate to do a film on surrogacy at this time. Anyway, now my marriage has been fixed, so wherever I am going, I am also having some experiences there. But there is no preachy speech anywhere in the film. There is a lot of entertainment in it. There is drama, two melodious songs. There are moments of humor too.”

Prithvik on his character and the film

On this occasion, actor Prithvik, who played the character of Socha in the film, said - "I think it was very important to make a film on this subject. The name of my character in the film is ‘Socha’. There is everything inside the film including Socha, Bhau's friend, and disciple. There is only one idea behind this film 'If someone is not a mother, then isn't she a woman too?'

Ankita Lande patil on the film

Actress Ankita Lande Patil, who played the role of Dr. Amrita Deshmukh in the film, said, "I have studied medicine in my personal life, so when I got the offer of this film, I joined it."

Mohshin Khan’s father Mushtaq khan on the film

Famous Bollywood actor Mushtaq Khan, father of Mohshin Khan, director of the film "Delivery Boy", said - "It is a proud day for every parent when their son or daughter does something. The director of this film Mohshin Khan is my son and this is the second film directed by him. I have also acted in the first film directed by Mohshin, that film will be released soon. At that time I thought that my son was doing fine. But now when all the actors and technicians of this film praised Mohshin and described him as articulate and passionate, the father's chest swelled with pride. Great pleasure to see Taylor. I congratulate Mohshin."

-Shantiswarup Tripathi


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