Veteran Producer Anand Pandit Ventures into Punjabi Cinema

The veteran producer, who has backed numerous successful films in Hindi and regional languages including Gujarati, Marathi, and Kannada, is now entering Punjabi cinema

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Veteran Producer Anand Pandit Ventures into Punjabi Cinema
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After backing many successful films in seven Indian languages, producer Anand Pandit is now turning his attention to Punjabi cinema. The veteran producer's inaugural Punjabi movie is expected to be announced shortly. This move will also mark the expansion of Anand Pandit Motion Pictures' portfolio to include another regional language of India, aligning with the growing global demand for such content.

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Anand Pandit

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“I always like to explore movies in regional languages, especially following the COVID-19 outbreak, where local content has gained global prominence. There is an increasing demand for regional content among movie enthusiasts worldwide. We have already supported films in various languages, including Gujarati, Marathi, and South Indian languages such as Kannada. Punjabi cinema is now transforming into a major regional market that is enjoying wide popularity. We are confident that we can produce a film that will connect with the growing enthusiasm of Punjabi movie lovers," says Mr Pandit.


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He believes that another attraction that the regional industries offer is authentic storytelling, which will help in creating original content that reflects the nativity and uniqueness of each region.  “Regional films are new verticals for us. They allow us to explore different genres and a variety of stories. We have seen many Hindi films recently inspired by regional cinema and remade. The content is strong and unique with Universal appeal, making regional films more attractive irrespective of the language,” he adds.

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