Why did Bhojpuri film star Pawan Singh refuse to contest elections from Asansol? Or was he asked to refuse...? Know the inside story By Sharad Rai

While the Bharatiya Janata Party announced the names of the candidates for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, one of the four Bhojpuri stars whose names were declared in its first list.

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While the Bharatiya Janata Party announced the names of the candidates for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, one of the four Bhojpuri stars whose names were declared in its first list, the name of Pawan Singh has come into controversy. Pawan Singh, who expressed happiness when his name was announced, stated within just 8 hours that he was not contesting the elections due to personal reasons. There is speculation as to why this happened. Did Pawan Singh do this himself or was he asked to do so?



Let us tell you that among the candidates whose names were announced by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the first list for its 2024 election campaign, the names of four stars of Bhojpuri films were there. These names are- Manoj Tiwari (Delhi-North East). , Ravi Kishan (UP- Gorakhpur), Dinesh Lal Nirahua (UP- Azamgarh) and Pawan Singh (Bengal-Asansol). Pawan Singh becomes elated after knowing the news of getting the election ticket in his gym on Saturday 2nd March evening and expresses his gratitude to the top BJP leaders. The same Pawan Singh stated on the morning of Sunday 3rd March that he is not contesting the elections due to personal reasons. Pawan is not contesting. This statement of Pawan has not only made his fans sad but has also increased the discussion in political circles as to what happened to Pawan in the last 8 hours since he said that he would not contest the elections. There is a discussion going on whether he is contesting the elections himself or whether he has been asked to do so.

Pawan Singh getting comments after his ticket announcement

As soon as Pawan Singh's name was announced from Asansol, dirty comments started coming in on social media about Pawan Singh. People are commenting by writing unlimited lines of the songs sung by him. The main ones in which he sang for the women of Bengal are 'Bengal Ki Maal', 'Sautan Bengal Ki', etc. Asansol, adjacent to Jharkhand, has 15 lakh voters, half of whom are Biharis, seeing their numbers, the BJP had made Bhojpuri singer-actor Pawan Singh its candidate from here. And, this is the factor due to which Shatrughan Sinha has become MP of the Trinamool Party after winning the last by-election from here. On the news of Pawan being made a candidate, Babul Supriyo, who became MP from here by winning in 2014 and 2019, has also commented on the dirty songs sung by Pawan Singh. Pawan has said that the lyricists have not written the songs but he has just given the voice. This happened when Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to Bengal two days ago talking about "women's power".


Was Pawan Singh asked to quit?

There is also a suppressed discussion on this news that when the High Command in Delhi was considering the name of Pawan Singh, they did not know how Pawan had sung songs and uttered indecent words for women. Then he only knew that he was a 'star power' who could influence the Bhojpuri public. First of all, Sagarika Ghosh, writer, and wife of journalist Rajdeep Sir Desai, a supporter of Modi Ji, commented on Pawan's nomination and his songs and also tagged it to Prime Minister Modi. The stir increased and the news is that Pawan Singh got a message from above to quit himself. It is said about BJP that they do not ask anyone to leave the party but the person in front himself quits. All the people who have been removed from the electoral list this time have said the same and Pawan Singh has also done the same by saying, "I am not contesting the elections from Asansol due to my reasons." Everyone can understand why Pawan Singh, who was happily eating sweets while exercising in the gym, talked about not contesting the elections after a few hours. Poor Pawan, he has made up his mind to enter politics since 2014 and things seem to be getting worse in 2024 too. Now whatever the BJP wants in the future!

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