World Bicycle Day: Divyanka shared about cycling in her childhood

Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya shared her childhood memories of cycling on World Bicycle Day

She learned to ride a bicycle in class 3 on the hill slopes of Bhopal

Dahiya considers cycling as the beginning of her passion for motorbikes

Some of her fondest childhood memories are related to cycling adventures during school summer vacations

She would cycle to her father's medical store and help him while also sneaking her favorite chocolates

Dahiya recalls a unique incident in adulthood when she had to pedal uphill on her way home from a shooting location

Despite the difficulty, she continued pedaling with a polite smile and felt successful upon reaching home

Cycling introduced Dahiya to her other love, motorcycles, and she is now a passionate motorcycle rider

Her thrill of cycling in her teens helped her switch to gear-less bikes during college and eventually learn to ride a motorcycle last year

Dahiya concludes that cycling played a significant role in shaping her love for motorcycles