Zindagi Sparks Conversations Around Women Empowerment With #Tumsemain Campaign

In a powerful tribute to Women’s Day on 8th March this month, Zindagi is set to amplify the voices of women with their groundbreaking campaign

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In a powerful tribute to Women’s Day on 8th March this month, Zindagi is set to amplify the voices of women with their groundbreaking campaign, #TumseMain. Committed to showcasing content that resonates with strength, bravery, and fearlessness, Zindagi invites viewers to celebrate the power of women supporting women, highlighting how one woman's support can make another feel stronger, braver, and more fearless.



The heartbeat of this campaign lies in a carefully curated lineup of shows featuring remarkable women's performances. Leading the pack is Saba Qamar’s show "Cheekh, where Mannat, portrayed by Saba, showcases her unwavering courage by standing up for her friend Nayab, pursuing justice after accusing her influential brother-in-law of Nayab's murder.

Raqeeb Se (1).JPG

Notably, In "Raqeeb Se," Sania Saeed's character defies all obstacles to provide protection and shelter to Hadiqa Kiani's character, Sakina, who flees from domestic abuse and seeks acceptance in Maqsood's household.



In "Deedan," Sanam Saeed's character and her friend from a rural village, despite their disparate circumstances, consistently support and watch out for each other, demonstrating unwavering friendship and sympathy.

Ayesha Movie.JPG

Adding to the cinematic journey is Yasra Rizvi’s Ayesha.  It tells the story of a middle-aged housewife who, despite her dedication to her family, feels undervalued. Yet, she gathers the courage to stand up for herself and pursue her career aspirations. Additionally, "Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha," starring Hania Aamir and Wahaj Ali, offers a refreshing take on love and empowerment.


MPHT Photo.jpg

Iqra Aziz's "Ranjha Ranjha Kardi" delves into societal realities, which follows a slum girl's journey to a better life through self-assertion. Lastly, Sanam Baloch's "Dhoop Chhaon" illustrates a woman's endeavor to save her marriage through experiences shared by her mother.

Hindi Medium fame Actor Saba Qamar, while addressing her inclination to Zindagi’s latest campaign #TumseMain, she added "I'm deeply drawn to the 'tumse main' ethos of mutual support among women. We all battle societal pressures and self-doubt, but finding solace in each other's company, offering support in times of need, and sharing invaluable experiences are the stepping stones to our collective ascent. Through my performances, I aspire to reciprocate the love and fortitude bestowed upon me by the influential women in my life. If my work can inspire others to embrace the belief that women are stronger united, that would be the ultimate honor."

Ranjha Ranjha kardi (1).jpg

Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz shared her thoughts on the influence of empowering women in her life and her views on Zindagi’s campaign #TumseMain added, "Playing strong female leads has been deeply meaningful, but the strongest women in my life are those who empower me behind the scenes. My mother, in particular, is my rock - supporting me unconditionally through every twist and turn. She has taught me resilience in the face of challenges and given me the courage to break barriers. Her quiet strength and wisdom inspire me daily. Another star in my life is my elder sister. She uplifts and motivates me, lending an ear when I need guidance and sharing their own experiences. No matter my achievements, I know they'll keep me grounded. It's the sisterhood of these remarkable women that gives me the confidence to take on new roles and continue growing. Their faith in me makes me believe I can accomplish anything. Portraying bold characters is fulfilling, but it's the real-life women who lift me higher."

Iqra added, “I love the 'tumse main' concept of mutual uplifting between women. We all face societal pressures and self-doubt. But being able to confide in each other, lend a shoulder when times are tough, and share hard-won wisdom – that's how we rise higher. My characters are mere reflections of the incredible women in my own life. Their stories and sisterhood nourish my growth as an artist and person. I hope through my performances, I can pay forward the love and strength gifted to me by the guiding women in my world. If my work can inspire more people to embrace this message that women are stronger together, that will be the ultimate privilege."

Tune in for a month-long celebration of women, exclusively on Zindagi DTH Tata Play (Channel no. 154) Dish TV and D2h (Channel no. 117), and Airtel TV (Channel no. 102)


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