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Launch of aagaaz entertainment’s New Single ”Be Intenhaan Sa” Featuring Jaan Kumar Sanu


Launch saw the presence of Naina Singh, Shardul Pandit, Rita Bhattacharya, Jesse Bhattacharya, Ramji Gulati, Dj Sheizwood, Prashant Virendra Sharma and many more eminent celebrities

Jaan Kumar Sanu has been in the news for a while now, thanks to his stint in Bigg Boss 14, the singer has been enjoying a massive fan base on social media and pan India.

“Be Intenhaan Sa is a beautiful song with beautiful moments” Jaan Kumar Sanu

Not only he entertained us with his sensible and matured code of conduct in the show, he won hearts for his melodious voice.

Infact at the time of his eviction, host of the show Salman Khan asked him to meet for work, such is his singing.

Capitalising on his unmatched talent and screen presence, Aagaaz Entertainment launched a new track “Be Intenhaan Sa” featuring and vocals by Jaan.

A song to mull over. Brew some coffee, get a pen and some paper  and write whatever comes to your mind while this song plays, it will surprise you at the depths within yourself that you have managed to reach.

Simple words, but very layered melodies, that’s the best combination which describes “Be Intenhaan Sa”

Talking about the chemistry between Jaan Kumar Sanu and Ambrita Shandilya, they are a beautiful vision together

When it comes to promoting new talent in film and entertainment, Aagaaz Entertainment takes the cake,  Established 2017 as a Production house, apart from music, Aagaaz Entertainment also recruits budding models  and actors.

Neeraj Tiwari

He endeavours to take Aagaaz Entertainment to new heights of showbiz. The company is currently working on some unique concepts for a couple of movies and web series “It is a song for all age groups.

From sixteen to sixties everyone is going to love it. A very soulful number which will give you goosebumps. Aagaaz Entertainment’s mission is to bring quality music to its fans”

Jaan Kumar Sanu says “Life has changed post-Bigg Boss. It was a beautiful journey which I will always cherish” further adding “Be Intenhaan Sa is a beautiful song with beautiful moments.

Feels nice to be in front of the camera. The experience was great. The song will help you explore this enchanting world of thoughts and emotions”

Director of the song Aman Nautiyal says “ I want to entertain audience throughout my life with good work.

Whatever I do, should be different. My mindset is not to make a hit project but to whatever I’ll do, I have to be different from everyone else”

Music Director Joy Anjan says “The song will leave an impact for its unique arrangements.

We have tried to explore emotions of love in different ways, hope the audience appreciates it*

Lyricist Khushbu Gupta says “Lyrics are simple but hard-hitting. We wanted the audience to hum the song after listening to it. It should stay with them forever”

Ambrita Shandilya has grown up watching music videos, films and falling in love with the characters like any other girl “I am a girl next door with aspirations to paint my own part of the sky with my own unique colors and right now I am all about filling that pallet with colours of my dreams.

Check out the song:


Produced by- Neeraj Tiwari, Directed by Aman Nautiyal, Music by – Joy Anjan and Lyrics by – Khushbu Gupta

Photos From The Event: