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Lead actor Abhishek Sharma not satisfied with his career ?


While our actors take painstaking efforts to give their best on screen, not all new actors receive the limelight. Actors put in a lot of hard work and yet their work goes unnoticed. Talking of the lead cast of Nimki Mukhiya, Abhishek Sharma is apparently unhappy with the way his career is shaping up. Abhishek who has started his career alongside his co-star Bhumika Gurung, seems left way behind her as Bhumika has achieved incredible fame.

No doubt, Bhumika Gurung (Nimki) has become a household name for her performance as Nimki. However, her co-star Abhishek Sharma who plays Babbu Singh in the lead role still has a long way to go. Sources close to the actor inform that the audience still doesn’t recognise him even though he is part of the popular show Nimki Mukhiya. Abhishek has been craving for fame but has been left disappointed for not achieving it as much as Bhumika.

While the makers of the show are constantly coming up with strong content, there is an evident competition among the actors to keep up the pace.

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