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‘Level’ By D Soldierz Is All Set To Be The Ultimate Friday Party Anthem

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Jyothi venkatesh

Times Music exclusive release ‘Level’ is a hip-hop, up-beat party track composed, sung and written by D Soldierz. After the phenomenal success of ‘Call’ and ‘Wishes’, the young dynamic duo was loved by music fans everywhere. And after a considerable wait, their new track ‘Level’ is now charted for release.

D Soldierz have outdone themselves with this track. The beats are on point, the rap is groovy and the music is everything you can see yourself dancing to, on a Friday evening.

Featuring Miss India Delhi 2018, the breathtakingly gorgeous Gayatri Bhardwaj, the music video is a treat to the eyes. It has everything, the OTT swag, club vibes and a party that never ends. Gayatri Bhardwaj also featured in D Soldierz recent release ‘Call’ with Times Music.

“We wanted to create an ultimate party track. A song that makes you and your friends want to say – “Hey, that’s my jam!”. ‘Level’ is a very special song for us. Very pumped to see how the audience will receive it,” said the duo.

“I have worked with D Soldierz before for ‘Call’ and it is always fun shooting with them. Their music is absolutely wonderful and ‘Level’ is one of my favourite tracks,” said Gayatri Bhardwaj.

‘Level’ is Times Music exclusive release and is available to watch/ listen on Times Music YouTube Channel.

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