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In a just few days, Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier has become an internet sensation since a trailer of her upcoming movie  Oru Aadar Love went viral. Priya is breaking the internet with her charming antics and she is even called as the National Crush. Of course, it is not the first time a person caught the attention of netizens as in past we witnessed many internet sensations,  some of them are drowned in hatred, others are flooded with love. Here we talk about those people who are come up with some wired and senseless ideas to gain easy fame. They do anything stupid like singing horrible self-composed songs, a dance which can kill you or just make abusive videos and become internet celebrities.

So, here we present you list of 7 talentless yet popular people.

1. Deepak Kalal

Weird dancing to song 'latt lag gayi' in a bright coloured towel wrap around his badan, talking about bananas and signature sign out "MOHAAA" makes this person popular. Ho kya rha hai duniya mein?  Kon hai yeh log? Kha se aate hai?   I can't write more about this creature and if you have been living under a rock then check out the most disgusting video right here.


2. Dhinchak Pooja

Dhinchak Pooja is the viral internet sensation which left the country swaying to her mind-boggling song! And the worst part of her off-beat and torturous songs is that she makes a lot of money out of this crap. All thanks to the curious viewers who desperately want to listen to her silly songs. She receives an average of 2.65 million views per month, which only prove one thing that she knows how to make money. She is so much on everyone's mind that popular Youtube channels like AIB and ScreenPatti also made videos on her.


3.The Legend  Nauman Khan

Dhinchak Pooja is so irritating in her videos that we thought no one could beat her. But we are wrong!  A Pakistani YouTuber has that level of sh#$%t in his videos which can leave Pooja far behind him. His Facebook and  YouTube channel are full of most disgusting videos you have ever seen. In his videos, where he is distressed about not making it to India to meet his ‘Baby’ Shahrukh Khan. In his another video he is holding a fake trophy and calls it an 'Oscar award' and then gives a 'winning speech.' After watching all these crap, I think he is not mentally stable and needs a physiatrist immediately.  Or do 'we' mean audiences need it Because he has around 212,417 followers on the Facebook page and 5k subscribers on his  Youtube channel.


4. Nasir Khan Jan

Nasir Khan Jan is a self-proclaimed media sensation and also a 'toxic' singer. He had sung a hit song by The Chainsmokers called Closer and posted on social media. And after listening to his version of the song, we're not sure if you'd ever want to hear the song again. But, if you think that's all he can do? No, you are wrong my friend. He also shared clips of him dancing and eats carrots, tomatoes, chilli, lollipop and even Maggie (only gods knows why?) to attain an easy fame on social media. And actually, he becomes a social media sensation after achieving over 100,000 followers on Facebook.


5. Azma Fallah

We Indians are always one step ahead of Pakistan. But after watching  Nauman Khan and Nasir Khan I like to introduce you another Pakistani YouTuber who can win the race of who can make most disgusting videos? She can also beat our desi Dhinchak Pooja in this task.  Yes, you heard it right Azma is another rising internet star (according to a Pakistan daily) who has the talent to irritate and disgust people by her senseless videos.


6. Rapper Omprakash Mishra

No words for this MhaPurush because after watching his stupid song ‘Aunty ki Gunty’  hundreds of people gathered in Delhi and Mumbai to shout ‘bolna aunty aau kya’. Kya ho gya hai desh ki janta ko? And his video cross over 1 million views on YouTube.


7. Avi Gujjar

Katta mere hath mein chalo yar sath mein is the lyrics of one of the Avi Gujjar’s song. Trust me you can’t listen to the full song at a time. This video is a disaster (Gane ke naam pe dhabba hai yeh). Who wants to listen such songs? In this video, they even can’t do the damn lip sing or toh baki sab chdd do.

The product of our weird obsession with such videos has given rise to the “artists” such as Taher Shah,  Vennu Mallesh, Bhim Niroula, Wilbur Sargunaraj, and Hero Alom. Millions of views on such videos is actually a big question mark on the choice of viewers'.  The fault lies within us, as an audience. We knowingly or unknowingly, are contributing to the huge amount they all have racked up?

What do you think of such talent and viral videos? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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