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Light-Weight Ira Sone Gives Out Secret Of Her Weight Loss!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Being a fitness freak is nothing unusual for someone from the entertainment industry. But the passion with which Ira Sonie has adopted her new fitness regime is truly exemplary. “I have lost around 10 kgs just by following the strict diet advised by my dietician Jaydeep Bhuta. He went beyond just giving me a diet chart – he explained every point and said why we needed to do it. Thus helped me understand the benefits of it and imbibe the diet internally.”Ira also says that it’s important to take professional advice regarding your diet and one should not try to do it all alone. “This way you ensure that your body is not deprived of the stuff it needs.”She continues talking about her diet, “For the first three months, I didn’t have any cheat days. It was complete adherence to the diet chart. However, now once in a while I do have my cheat days! A pizza or daal dhokli are dishes that I crave for and have once in a while.”Is there any advice you would like to give for people wanting to lose weight? “I am asked this question everywhere – in person, on social media, through emails. My advice is simple – focus on the reason why you’re putting on weight suddenly. Manage that problem and weight loss will happen automatically.”

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