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Little Bal Hanuman Of &TV’s Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram Brings In His 5th Birthday With A Giant Ladoo


Bright orange and pleasant yellow like the Marigolds, the ladoo is known to be a blessed deity offering of Lord Hanuman owing to the latter’s love for the sweet. Sharing a mutual love for ladoos is Ekagrah Dwivedi, the young Bal Hanuman of &TV’s Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram. Celebrating a rather grand fifth birthday on the sets of the show with the entire cast and crew, Ekagrah received a surprise cake which was not the usual cake that one gets during celebrations but a bright orange and huge Ladoo cake that surely got him gleaming with joy.

Not only did the cake leave Ekagrah surprised but the entire cast seemed awed at how wonderfully it had been prepared to celebrate the mutual connection that Ekagrah shared with Lord Hanuman. As each one of the members sang to the tunes of the birthday song and offered a piece of the ladoo cake to the young actor, a delighted Ekagrah was seen devouring the cake in utter joy.

Commenting on the grand celebration, Ekagrah said, “Mujhe sachi mein laga woh cake ek ladoo hi hai. Cake and ladoos are my favourite and I’m very happy that it was a mix of both. Bahut mazza aaya!”

Adding to her son’s thoughts, Ekagrah’s mother said, “This was a very different birthday for Ekagrah, and we were overjoyed seeing him thoroughly enjoying it. Ekagrah shares an extreme love for ladoos and he was excited seeing a giant one. Of course, cakes are his second favourite, so this was like a double surprise for him. A special thanks for making his birthday a memorable one!”

The little wonder who is making a huge impact as Bal Hanuman was celebrating his birthday along with his co-stars – Sneha Wagh, Jiten Lalwani, Ekagrah Dwivedi, Nirbhay Wadhwa, Meer Ali, Sanjay Kaushik amongst others.

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