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Lizaa Malik’s trip to goa recently a was very adorable

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Jyothi venkatesh
Lizaa Malik was in goa recently and her pictures from the trip are all so adorable. She looks absolutely fabulous and most importantly she looks very happy and her energies reach us via her smile. Goa has been a favourite hotspot for all celebraties off late and it’s hard to miss culture, food and Vibe is the major attraction.
We got in touch with Lizaa and here is what she says, ” i was in goa recently. Goa is like my spirit place.  I absolutely love the vibe there. The music, the food, the atmosphere, the people and the beaches are just so lovely and i always seem to not get enough of it. It was quite some time i hadn’t been to goa so my heart kept calling me there. It’s one of mh most favourite places here in India.”
Lizaa is packed with work for 2020 and we are sure this vacation will do a world of good to her. She is a fantastic performer.


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