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Luv Sinha dreams of being a part of the remake of his father’s cult-hit film Vishwanath


As the year draws to a close, actors all over the industry are sharing their thoughts about this tumultuous year as well as their aspirations for the year that is about to begin. Luv Sinha also took to social media to share his thoughts about what his hopes and dreams for 2021 are.

Luv Sinha The dedicated young actor who believes in doing something different hopes to play a supervillain in the coming year. Movie heroes are always memorable, but it takes a true artist to leave an impression on the audience when they play the villain. Gabbar from Sholay, a character of Dawood Ibrahim from the Once upon a time in Mumbaai movies, Alauddin Khilji from Padmaavat, were all incredibly impactful and strong villains, who left a lasting impact on viewers. And this is exactly what Luv hopes to achieve.

In the caption of the post he shared on Instagram he mentioned, “I have written this before but my dream role is to play supervillain or anti Hero putting this out there I would love to play the negative lead in Krrish 4 or play the lead role in the remake of Vishwanath #2021 goals”

Luv Sinha Shatrughan sinhaLuv Sinha talking about his desire to play negative character reveals, “I think negative character challenges any actor and personally for me I’have always been interested in playing a negative character because it allows you to explore different emotions and different shades of your own personality. Also it gives you a break from playing positive character all the time.”

Junior Shotgun also plans on working on the remake of “Vishwanath” a film extremely close to his heart as his father starred in it. We are rooting for this young star to shine brighter in the coming year, and here’s wishing him all the luck for the same.