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Lyricist Sameer Reveals How Mahesh Bhatt Convinced Gulshan Kumar To Produce Aashiqui On The Kapil Sharma Show


This weekend will one of the most melodious one’s on Sony Entertainment Television’s The Kapil Sharma Show where Guinness World Record holders and the best singer and lyricist of Bollywood, Kumar Sanu will be seen with Sameer who has written around 3,500 songs . While talking about the famous 1990 cult movie, Aashiqui, Sameer made an interesting revelation about ace director Mahesh Bhatt and the Late Gulshan Kumar.

While conversing with Kapil, lyricist Sameer revealed that Gulshan Kumar didn’t want to produce the movie Aashiqui but was more interested to produce the music album of the same movie. To which, Sameer requested Mahesh Bhatt to step in as he was finalised to direct the film. Sameer added, “When Bhatt Sahab and I reached Gulshanji’s office, we tried and convinced him to produce the film as the songs were very good but, he still didn’t agree. So, Bhatt Sahab went to the extent of saying that if the film becomes a hit and if the  songs does wonders, it will be the best thing to happen in the history of his music label. But if it’s the opposite, Mahesh Ji vowed never to direct any film and that’s what led to an agreement given by Gulshanji that he will be producing Aashiqui as a film and will do the best marketing.”


Further in the show, Kumar Sanu a.k.a Tiger of Bollywood gets scared of sleeping alone in a bedroom as he thinks that there are super natural powers in the room.

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