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M3m Hosts A Star-Studded Evening

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Jyothi Venkatesh

The event with a bevy of stars with Muzaffar & Meera Ali – the famed Filmmaker of Umrao Jaan, Painter, Fashion Designer; the gorgeous Dia Mirza, Actress, Producer, and UN Goodwill Ambassador and also the dashing Indian Polo Captain Simran Shergill had a very interesting talk show with the stars in a candid tête-à-tête. Founder & Chairman of M3M Group – Mr. Basant Bansal and Director – Mr. Pankaj Bansal also participated in the talk show, hosted by Mr. Vineet Nanda – President Sales (Delivered Residences) and Ms. Jyotsna Chauhan – Advisor-Marketing (Delivered Residences).

Dia Mirza said that if she wasn’t an actress, she would have been a lawyer for UN. And shared how she was lucky to be the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. On another note, on being asked whether the digital platforms were misusing or taking advantage of No Censor Board and if it is appropriate, her quick response was “Absolutely not”. She explained, “There should be no censorship on digital platforms as fortunately, it is the only medium that allows screenplay writers to express themselves completely. Are people misusing it? Yes, few do. It is just like a child who is nurtured in an overprotected and restricted environment and then suddenly, when he is freed, he does not understand how to utilize the freedom. We will surely outgrow the issue of obscenity in times to come. If you watch series like Delhi Crime and Kafir (which I am also a part of), I feel really proud that such well-crafted stories are being written. Besides, it has given a lot of opportunities to the artists to provide meaningful and different genres of storytelling that the digital platform has offered to the industry. The restrictions and involvement of censorship encroach our democratic rights. So, the more responsibilities we bestow on our children, the more responsible they are likely to act and behave. Moreover, obscenity is a phase and it is also subjective. What is obscene to you, may not be obscene to someone else.”

Answering a question about her couture brand – Kotwara, Meera Ali said, “It was part of ‘Dwar pe Rozi’ initiative to empower the women of the village Kotwara in UP. It not only revived the crafts of the region but also gave back the local folk their pride and dignity. Now, of course, the brand has traversed a long journey and reached international markets.”Simran Shergill was happy to represent and be an ambassador of M3M’s royal asset class for the new-age Blue bloods – M3M Polo Suites at M3M Golf estate. When asked that as a professional Polo player, does he have any interest in Bollywood, he commented, “While I love Polo, I also love Bollywood. Incidentally, I am also a fan of Dia Mirza.” Vineet Nanda asked Mr. Basant Bansal how he faced challenges in his endeavor to build his empire, to which Mr. Bansal replied, “I never fear challenges and I strongly believe that we can achieve everything that appears impossible. If you look at my yesteryears’ journey, you’ll find that I have come across a lot of hindrances and tough times but I never allowed it to overpower my mindset or self-belief. It is very similar to what we think about the current market scenario. For me, there is no downfall in the market, it is just a state of mind. If you spread positivity, it will come back multifold.”

Further, Mr. Nanda asked Mr. Bansal about the thought behind his CSR initiative – M3M Foundation to which the Mr. Basant Bansal replied, “We are all creations of God and each one of us has a unique role to play in the drama called life. I am happy that God has given me the opportunity and chosen me in a way that I can contribute towards the society. And, as we are bestowed with the responsibility of serving the society, we assure to deliver the best we are capable of.”Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pankaj Bansal, Director, M3M, spoke about out-of-the-box initiatives that M3M has been undertaking, many of which are innovations in the country, replicated and followed by peers in the Industry. “An Acting Academy in association with Muzaffar Ali is being planned and we will be the first in the country to have an acting school within the condominium.” On a lighter note, on being asked if he likes Bollywood and his favorite actor, out came the reply swiftly –“Aishwarya”, which incidentally is the name of his wife too.The talk show was followed by a glittering award ceremony to felicitate the top-performing Channel Partners of M3M Golf estate, who won a luxury liner cruise with all luxury trappings.

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