Madalsa Sharma on Preity Zinta’s fan harassment issue: Would request fans to remember that actors are also human beings, love and respect both go hand-in-hand

By Bollyy
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Preity Zinta recently took to social media to share about two incidents that left her “a bit shaken”, one is about a woman who planted “a big wet kiss next to” her daughter Gia’s mouth and a disabled man harassing her for money. She explained what had actually happened in both cases too. This is not the first time a celebrity has complained of harassment. Anupama actor Madalsa Sharma reacts to the same. She also opines on whether it’s tough for celebrities to control fans at times and if the paparazzi make it tough for them to manage things.

Madalsa 3
“As an actor, I believe we all love adoration. It’s a blessing to be loved by our fans. And I truly cherish moments when I see how much my fans adore me. In today’s time where there is so much hate around and trolling can be done at the click of a button on social media, to be loved is a blessing,” she says before addressing why one should never cross the line in anything they do. The actor explains her point of view.

“But, I feel sometimes people cross the line and that becomes very difficult and awkward for an actor. We all understand the amount of love people hold for us, but there has to be a certain discipline when it comes to behaviour. The only thing people should keep in mind when excitement takes over is that actors are also human beings, love and respect both go hand-in-hand,” adds Madalsa.


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