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Madhav Mahajan Is Off To Goa For His Birthday Celebrations And Accompanying Him Will Be Angela Krislinzki


Madhav Mahajan is off to goa for his birthday celebrations and accompanying him will be Angela krislinzki. Madhav is a hit maker singer and musician. He has songs like chann vi gawah and laut aja under his belt and a lot of them is coming soon.

Madhav generally doesn’t like to have huge celebrations but this time it might be different. We spoke to him briefly and here is what he says, ” i generally don’t like loud celebrations but friends and family were adamant this time as it’s been long. So we are all going to goa to have a private birthday party and celebrations. It will also be a lot of close-knit people time as I haven’t had all the time to spend with them off late because of work.”

We wish him all the luck. He has said that his next will be one peppy number with one of the biggest Bollywood rappers but he didn’t divulge any further details. We wish him a very happy birthday and all the success ahead.

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